How I Learned to Drive, Raven Theatre

“This scene plays out with two L’il Bits onstage: …and Katherine Bourne Taylor, who generally plays the caustically hilarious grandmother of the family, portraying 11-year-old L’il Bit in all of her fear. This is the only instance in which a costume is used to suggest the youth of the child, and it is very effective; costumer Theresa Ham puts her in a pair of overalls, and Taylor does the rest, allowing her adult characteristics to melt away in a painful, powerful moment.

Taylor and the rest of the “Greek Chorus” are outstanding in all of their various roles, which mostly supply the needed comic touches in this harrowing script.”

- Karen Topham, Chicago On Stage

Sickle, Red Theatre

"Wonderful acting, most notably by Christine Vrem-Ydstie who plays General Yryna, and Katherine Bourne Taylor who plays Nadya, and witty dialogue make the play very enjoyable, despite its grim subject matter."

 -Vika Lvova, BuzzCenterStage

Jailbait, Dallas Actor's Lab:

"The most thrilling work, though, comes from Bourne. Her character’s emotional undercurrents are as dangerous as the undertow in Texas’ coastal waters. Yet Bourne projects heart-breaking innocence and vulnerability."    

 -Lawson Taitte, Dallas Morning News

Brand New Ancients, Women Galore at The Wild Detectives:

"Katherine Bourne’s reading of Kate Tempest’s epic poem, Brand New Ancients, was so brilliant the first time it called for this encore performance at Wild Detectives. A highlight of this May’s Women Galore festival… and a showcase for the lyrical talents of both Bourne and Tempest, Brand New Ancients will knock you flat." 

- Alex Macon, D Magazine

Jonah, Undermain Theatre:

"Meanwhile, a biblical scholar named Rhodes... stares mutely at his anguished daughter Mary Margaret (beautiful Katherine Bourne in patient nurse mode). She reads him the children’s book Toad on the Road to reintroduce the Word—as it was in the beginning." 

- Martha Heimberg,   

What The Butler Saw, Stage West:

“As the unsuspecting innocent, Katherine Bourne gives a sweetly seductive performance worthy of early Lucille Ball, demonstrating a palpable instinct for superior comic timing.” 

-Alexandra Bonifield,

Black Tie, WaterTower Theatre:

“Katherine Bourne brings a much-needed dose of realism as his laissez-faire sister, who appears to be in a committed relationship but sees no hurry to sprint down the aisle.”        

 -Lindsey Wilson, D Magazine