May 2018: I'm A Fan Of

1. My Favorite Murder: Golden State Killer Caught!


The two women who run this podcast are obsessed with serial killers and cover a different one with each episode. I respect people who can admit that they’re into weird shit. Its' a beautiful thing to hear someone talking about the thing they are most passionate about, and these women own their weirdness when it comes to their passion.

The Golden State Killer, the first murderer they highlighted in their podcast was finally caught after 40 years, and I loved hearing them freaking out together about it. Like they said, “this is my Thunderdome”. Let your freak flag fly, Karen and Georgia (and anyone who says they’re not fascinated by serial killers as well are probably the serial killers themselves).

2. High School Plays

I saw a high school production of "Pippin" this month. I love seeing school plays. I was Thespian Club Vice President in high school, and as a teacher now, am genuinely moved by young people being brave on stage. Even better when all those high schoolers are in their blacks-and-jewel-tones, doing noodle-jazz hands and half-crawling on the ground during “Magic To Do” and taking their jobs very seriously. Because performing is serious business!! When did I get so cynical about looking dumb?! 

Pippin is a sort of problematic and dated play, and it was fascinating and hilarious seeing teenagers navigate that. The joke about pillaging a village did not go over well. The orgy-scene where they all danced with scarves (?) was the best-most-awkward-thing I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Pippin is also a very moving story about a young man almost killing himself in his quest to prove that he is special, and being serious for a second, the students were so talented. And the music is great! The after-show people watching is top-notch, too. I saw the Lead Player hugging her mom afterward and crying because it was her last musical in high school and I burst into tears. There were a lot of feelings flying around, so my friend Mary Tilden and I recorded a review. Click on the image to see. 


3. Mexico City

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.55.32 PM.png

This month I travelled to Mexico City for a very short three-day trip and joined six of my best friends for a whirl-wind, truly excellent weekend. The first thing I did when we finally reached our airbnb at 2:30 AM was find a street taco, and from that moment on I was in heaven. We did a lot- a tour of Teotihuacan, a 14-course meal, Frida Kahlo Museum (her home, and one of the most inspirational places I have ever been), lunch in a cave, a late night dance party when our plans got rained out... I'm just now recovering. 

Mexico City is full of color and life, and full of beautiful people. It is legitimately cheaper to fly there than lots of cities in the United States, and after visiting, I can't believe more people don't flock to this place. There was a lot I didn't get to experience due to the short time we had, and I cannot wait to go back. The churros and hills of painted buildings are calling my name. I made maybe the best insta-story of our trip in my long history of instagramming- check it out here.